Dealer Tournaments, Exciting Competitions That You Did Not Know Existed

The ability these characters have to handle cards cannot go unnoticed, so they deserve their own recognition space
The croupiers are the gears of the casinos . Although many of the most popular games could not be done without them, they are characters that often go unnoticed. In some countries, however, there is a way in which their skills and work performed are recognized as tournaments of croupiers where they can win judi online malaysia good prizes.

Dealer competitions are not like poker tournaments and whoever has the best hand does not win, but they are interesting because of the little tricks they do. In these tournaments, each participant shows off their movements with the cards and the chips and even gives the impression that they could do magic tricks at any time. This is not all that is taken into account to “qualify” a dealer , their attitude is also taken into account: kindness, communication skills and even their clothing.

Susana Picado, a professional croupier who won the Spanish Croupiers Championship in 2009, commented in an interview with Telemadrid that her clothes should not have pockets and that the sleeves should be almost at the height of the elbows. All this to provide the best security conditions and avoid misunderstandings in which any of the players can blame her for hiding a card and / or chips.
Some of the most popular Poker Tournaments are the International Dealer Tournament and the European Dealer Championship. Obviously dealers must first pass tests in smaller competitions. The bad news is that finding a reputable one is not an easy task in all countries.
Surprised? Definitely knowing how to handle the cards is something that draws attention and that you could surely use to conquer more than one heart. As you practice your deck tricks , continue to feel the adrenaline rush at Casino and Live Casino .

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