Rubicon Estate Napa County | Rutherford, CA

Address Rubicon Estate
Napa County Winery
1991 St. Helena Highway
Rutherford, CA 94573
Phone # (707)963-9084
Pricing $ $ $ $ $
Rating * * * * *
Reservations? No
Pet friendly? No
Dining? No

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Rubicon Estate Wine Tasting Tours, Hours & Prices:

Open daily: 10am-5pm. $25 guest fee just to get in the joint. Includes: Tasting of five wines Legacy historical tour Access to the historic chateau, the estate wine library, it's exhibits and valet parking.

Rubicon Estate Wine Tasting Notes

Formally Niebaum-Coppola, after Francis Ford Coppola bought it in 1975, and now Rubicon Estates, named after it's flagship wine. Up until 2006 you could drop in to the estate for a wine tasting and have access to wander around the small movie memorablia museum that Coppola keeps on the upper level of the main chateau. This museum includes one of the three Tuckers that still exist, [you remember he did a movie about the car called Tucker].

But when we tried to enter recently we were met by a gate and a guard who told us it would cost $25 just to get in the joint! I should note that the $25 includes the wine tasting and access to the expanded museum, which now includes many interesting objects and photos from the winery's long history in Napa Valley. Rumor has it that the drunken limo-loads of frat boys inspired the idea of the entry fee, which I can understand... kind of.

We didn't go in this time. But I've visited many times before they instituted the entry fee, and it's probably still worth a visit if your in Rutherford, new to wine tasting, or have never been to Niebaum-Coppola. The grounds are beautiful, and the tasting room in the chateau is huge and gorgeous. Lots of schwag, even a bit corporate.

If the small family vineyard is what you're after, you can skip this one. Save your $25 and buy a bottle or two at one of the many small winery off the Silverado Trail. We can only hope that this Disney-style mentallity, with the entry fee, doesn't rub off on near-by wineries. Because of this we have to cut a couple stars from the rating.

Rubicon Estate Wines

Ratings and tasting notes coming soon!