Storybook Winery Napa County | Calistoga, CA

Address Storybook Winery
Napa County Winery
3835 Highway 128
Calistoga, CA 94515
Phone # (707) 942-5310
Pricing $ $ $ $ $
Rating * * * * *
Reservations? Yes
Pet friendly? Yes
Dining? No

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Storybook Winery Wine Tasting Tours, Hours & Prices:

Free tour and tasting with reservation.

Storybook Winery Wine Tasting Notes

Beautiful grounds up on storybook mountain with great views of surrounding hills and vineyards. This location has a great climate resulting from being on the ridge between Napa and Sonoma valley, it gets the best of both worlds.

We did the tour with the owner's son-in-law, Rick. He gave Miss Melody and I a private tour of the grounds and the caves. Very laid back and informative. We tasting as Claws the cat, who Rick was quite afraid of, looked on.

"I just don't want Claws to jump up on somebody, you know?" he said nervously.

She looked harmless to us, but Rick seemed afraid to go near her. He'd be talking, doing his rap, when Claws would stroll up next to his feet. He'd look down, laugh nervously as he took baby steps away from Claws, and try and continue his train of thought.

All the wines were $30 and up, and we didn't have the cash to drop for even one bottle. We felt bad. If someone gives you a free tour and tasting, you should at least buy a bottle of wine. But we weren't blown away by any of the five wines we tasted... at least not blown away enough to spend $30 or more for. Sorry. We felt we could easily find wine we liked just as much in the $15 - $20 range. But worth a trip without a doubt, especially if you've got a few bucks to spend on wine.

Note: Wine & Spirits Magazine names Storybook Mountain Vineyards 
"Artisan Winery of the Year" and includes it among the top 100 wineries in the world.

Storybook Winery Wines

Ratings and tasting notes coming soon!