Taft Street Winery Sonoma County | Sebastopol, CA

Address Taft Street Winery
Sonoma County Winery
2030 Barlow Lane
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Phone # (707) 823-2049
Pricing $ $ $ $ $
Rating * * * * *
Reservations? No
Pet friendly? Yes
Dining? No

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Taft Street Winery Wine Tasting Tours, Hours & Prices:

Monday through Friday 11 AM to 4 PM. Open weekends 11 AM to 4:30 PM.

Taft Street Winery Wine Tasting Notes

A very low-key outfit, with a big patio off the side of the tasting room, where a group of locals (or owners?) sat sipping wine and eating cheese merrily. Inside the small, unembellished tasting room, the bar was "crowded" with a group of three, laughing and sipping wine. The host, Kaitlyn, quickly acknowledged us and set us up on a small table made from a barrel in the center of the room. She showed us the tasting menu and simply said, "let me know what you want to taste".

Before I get to far, I should mention that when we arrived, we got out of the car with our puppy, Stella, a small chi, and there was a big black Lab on the patio, one of the women got up and cheerfully asked if we wanted to bring Stella inside. "If we can", we said, and the woman thoughtfully offered to put the big Lab in the office to ease the potential dog-on-dog tension.

After a little while the group of three at the bar readied to leave, after buying a couple cases of wine. It was the end of the day, and the group was obviously having a good time. I call that kind of purchase a "wine wallet" buy. You get wine wallet after you've visited a few tasting rooms, did a few tastings, and suddenly you're ready to buy the whole winery. Nevermind drunk driving! Drunk buying is rampant in wine country! Got to be careful!

Anyway, we moved over to the bar and Kaitlyn kept us moving with our tasting. Meanwhile, the group on the patio were laughing it up, and it turned out that they were the owners.

This experience was what wine tripping is all about. It felt like we were hanging out at somebody's house, welcomed to taste their wines. No rush, no bells and whistles , no scripted dialogue... just hanging out enjoying wine.

Taft Street Winery Wines

Pick Rating Vintage Type Varietal Name      
90 2006 Red Pinot Noir Sonoma County "St. Bernward Acre"
87 2007 White Viognier Alexander Valley
86 2007 White Gewurtraminer Mendocino County
84 2007 Red Rose Rose of Pinot Noir - Sonoma Coast
80 2007 White Pinot Gris / Grigio Russian River Valley
80 2006 White Sauvignon Blanc Russian River Valley